Music Related

We do not have the financial wherewithal to pay the licensing fees for streaming full-length plays, so we are currently restricted to the 30-second previews available from our music sources.
Full-length versions of the music you've encountered in MEAMCentral can be heard on Spotify. You can export the song marbles that are visible within a view to a playlist in your Spotify account. We also hope to be able to release a native iOS app that will allow you to connect to your Apple Music and/or Spotify accounts in order to hear the full versions of the music you've attached your stories and memories to.
Yes. If your Spotify account is connected, we will create a customized playlist called, My Meamstream, for you on a weekly basis, based on your meaming activity.
Go to the Music Sources section and click the 'Connect' button under 'Spotify'. You will be redirected to a Spotify screen that will ask for your Spotify login information and will ask whether you give meamcentral access to read and write to your playlists. If you grant access
To disconnect MEAMCentral from your Spotify account, do this in the section of your Spotify account where you manage your Spotify-related apps.
Shazam it! If you've connected both MEAMCentral and Shazam to your Spotify account, all you need to do is Shazam the song and then switch over to MEAMCentral and refresh the view. Any songs that you've shazamed in the past 10 minutes will appear.

Memory Related

No. By default, a memory is kept private unless you choose to share it with others.
Yes. Click on the song to which your memory is attached to access the memories. Click on the memory and selected the desired type of sharing, and/or enter one or more email addresses to share a memory with specific people.
It is private between you and them, and can't be seen by other users.
You may edit your memories. Removing all text from your memory is how to delete it.

User Related

We do not currently have a consent process in place to allow people to share their usernames alongside their memories

App Related

The version of the website that displays on a phone currently has a reduced set of features. Use the website on a tablet or computer for access to all of the features.


No. We do not share any of the information you provide with other parties."
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